Producing videos with students to develop critical thinking

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Enjoy watching some short videos produced by Brazilian students and learn the process to develop student´s critical thinking.
We believe teachers can help students use cutting edge multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share ideas, demonstrate their artistic potential, and take action where they live. Empowering students to speak up about their worries and concerns is a great way to engage them in their own learning.

Effective teaching makes connections to the real lives and everyday experiences of students. As students are bombed every day with images in all kinds of media, digital and non-digital it is the role of the teacher to help students develop critical thinking. Once students realize the impact of the media in their own lives, they can get motivated to create their own productions or versions.
Let´s check some international agencies looking for your student´s production and check what digital and non-digital ways teacher´s can come up with to promote student´s production.

We will introduce you to a project called Youth Voices sponsored by a software company along with the International Education and Resource Network. These organizations support collaborative and project based learning to help develop teaching strategies.

Workshop framework:

Presenter(s) introduction(s)
Enhancing student´s critical thinking
Creating with purpose strategies
Showing student videos
Questions/Feedback from audience