Has our role as teachers changed?

José Antonio

(sent to EduTech SIG list)

I don't think our roles have changed that much. We still continue to be facilitators. One thing that I see is changing is that now sometimes we need to ask the help of students when something does not work and they can teach us how to solve a technological problem with our equipment or how to do something we do not know on the Internet. Maybe in this sense our roles have changed. Knowledge is shared and it is not teachers' property and responsibility anymore. I feel that when we use ICT we learn much more than we used to with our students and our colleagues.

During the PCI

Most participants expressed the need to be more exposed, have access to resources and guidance and connect more. There is a growing awareness teachers need to be more-learner centered and facilitate learning instead of imposing it. However, institutionally driven pressure (assessment, books, schedule, changing groups) do not always allow for that. Some students are not used to facilitation and demand from teachers more presence and directives.

What is the Art of Teaching with ICTs?
What main benefits, issues and challenges have you been faced with?
What other themes would you like to discuss during the event?